Zombie Car Driver

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There is a game called Zombie Car Driver that blends the joy of driving with the thrill of surviving in a zombie-driven vehicle. Gamers are transported to a world that has been invaded by zombies, and the only way out of this world is through clever improvements and deft driving.

Diese immersive Experience is available to Gamers. Dieses is not simply another movie about a race car driver from a video game; rather, it is an interactive experience in which you play the role of the protagonist and must navigate through Mayhem to survive.


— Enhancements
– a variety of difficulties.
– an enjoyable gameplay experience. Change the weapon or armor on your vehicle to give it a more unique appearance.
There are also new car models available for purchase in the store. Gather as many zombies as you can and eliminate them all.



Use the WASD keys to move the car. Provision for the handbrake. The remaining shift for the NOS.