Madmen Racing

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Madmen Racing a fun and fun racing game, take part in one of the most unusual competitions you'll ever see. Usually, the contestants of the races will drive speed cars, but that is not the case in this game.

Position yourself in the starting line and get ready to meet a variety of characters. Beat them all and finish different tracks with ease!
A grandpa in a wheelchair, a mad guy in a shopping cart, and a man in a trash can are just a few of the weird characters you can control in this game. Don't judge these wacky racers by looking at their vehicles!

Your main goal in this game is to win each race by completing different missions. The game has 18 different levels for you to try, each with different objectives. Start the game by choosing a racer first. At first, you can only use one of them, but you can unlock the rest with the money you earn by completing the levels. Each racer has 6 different upgradeable metrics like speed, wheels, and more. After you choose a character, it's time to choose a level. Good luck!


Use the arrow keys to move your car.
X key to activate your nitro source.