Earn to Die 5

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This is a newer version of the game called license for mayhem, similar to the Earn To Die game. You must reach the crime scene as soon as possible because you are now a highway patrol officer.

You must give your car the most tuning possible and complete every stage if you want to arrive there more quickly.

You receive a salary by completing each level.

To get to the crime scene more quickly and earn more money, you can use your payment to purchase additional parts and car modifications.
As you capture more and more criminals, your truck will grow to accommodate more criminals at once. Drive around all the barriers, but be careful of the barrels that can explode and do harm to your vehicle.

The route is filled with leaps and obstacles, so when you jump, you must steer your car such that it lands on its wheels rather than its roof because if you do, the game is finished.

To play, press the arrow keys.