Earn To Die 3

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Earn To Die 3 is the third installment in the Earn To Die series.
You are the sole survivor in your area, and your objective is to reach a safe shelter with other people and no zombies. You must use the vehicle to travel through the infested area in order to achieve your goal.
Avoid barriers if at all possible; utilize rocket engines at the appropriate times; don't waste fuel, and try to get out of the infected zombie zone.
You still have to get out of a zombie-infested desert and go to a safe harbor where humanity's only sanctuary is. To do so, you'll need to upgrade your vehicle, get a new vehicle, acquire some great devices, and get rid of the zombies while they're still alive.
The garage is where you receive all of your weapons, such as machine guns. The better improvements you purchase, the more distance you will be able to cover and eventually clear the diseased area.
Make sure to avoid all possible obstacles along the path; this will save you fuel, which is essential in a post-apocalyptic society. Also, avoid colliding with zombies, as this will slow you down. In other words, try to avoid all available barriers; remember, your main goal is to get to the shelter, not to kill the zombies.

To move your automobile and tilt it in different directions, use the arrow keys.

To start the rocket engine, press CTRL or X.