Penalty Champs 22

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Soccer lovers who appreciate sports are huge supporters of Penalty Champs 22.
Choose the country of your choice, try to make or block penalty kicks, and score goals against tough opponents. Raise your hand if you want to help your team succeed.

The game offers a number of various play types. There is no need for the group stage for championship play. The game is compatible with mobile devices and desktop PCs. As a result, there won't be any interference between your numerous electrical equipment.

It will be difficult for you to set this game down due to the challenges you'll encounter. This sporting event is a great opportunity to improve your friendships.

It's best to stay with a straightforward strategy that enables you to skip the game's tutorial and advertisements if you want to play faster.


By clicking three times, you can choose the height and direction of the shot.
Select a goalkeeper by selecting one of the offered choices.