The Mergest Kingdom

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In The Mergest Kingdom, you'll find a very interesting and exciting game. Do you think that tooth fairies exist? What else could you say about how the story goes? Join the Mergest Kingdom and get a lot of new things!

Do you believe in the tooth fairy? How else would you describe the story that will unfold?

Combine hundreds of items in a country filled with difficult quests, collect and harvest resources, and build your own island based on YOUR preferences.

Determine the best ways to combine and combine various parts in order to raise the largest structures and produce the most fruitful plants! Help reconstruct the Kingdom of Mergest and make it among the most magnificent in the Seventh Realm!

YOUR WORLD! Nowhere else can you find the most incredible objects to combine! YOUR CHOICE! On your adventure of discovery, you can combine dragons, forests, diamonds, and nearly anything else you encounter.

YOUR LAWS! The islands are brimming with merging enchantment and merging craft, allowing you to perform the most massive mergers.

Participate in DAILY QUESTS to collect cash and diamonds, mine numerous resources to construct, and explore huge magical areas teeming with fascinating creatures, bright characters, and enthralling items!

If you enjoy merging games, then this magical experience will be ideal for you.


Combine and merge parts to save the kingdom!