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The free online multiplayer game is a survival game. You and up to thirty other players can take part in seven different minigames. You will be eliminated from the competition if you do not successfully complete any of the challenges.


Survive seven hard tasks.
Participate in a single online game with up to 30 other players.
It's a Squid game with many players that you can play online.
The more you play Squid Game, the more proficient you'll become at it.

How to Play

To join a game, you must first select your area and nickname before clicking the join button. You'll be added to a room, and then you'll be just a few moments away from starting to participate in this difficult game. Red Light: Green Light is the name of the first mini-game that you'll play, and it requires you to sneak up on a doll without being spotted.



Move with the arrow keys or the WASD controller.
Space = jump
LMB is an abbreviation for "scratch cookie," "drag rope," and "hit."
E = pickup weapon
G = dump weapon
T = chat