Squid Game Challenge Honeycomb

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It's time to play one of the popular Squid-Game-Titles. On this occasion, you will be able to exhibit your skill in drawing well-known forms with a little stick! It's time for some fun with the new game Squid Game Challenge Honeycomb. Enjoy playing this amazing current game for free for many hours.

How to play

It is your chance to prove that you can be the Champion and earn all of the revenue in these survival games!!! On this occasion, you can test your capacity to draw shapes, as is done in the television series. First, you can use your favorite character to conquer each of the levels. Of the remaining ten levels of the game, the first four levels will test your ability to overcome and draw basic shapes, before putting more demanding levels to the test.

But be cautious, it is not as simple as it appears; You cannot fail singly, or everyone will have to start again from scratch, and your character will be removed, forcing you to switch to another character and thus restart. Accumulate the greatest score and excel in each try while having fun.
The goal of the game is to draw the different ms in the game without crossing the painted lines, or the game will force you to restart from the initial m to acquire a fresh score.


Draw using the mouse on the desktop. Mobile devices allow you to sketch by touching the screen.