Ragdoll Gangs

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Ragdoll Gangs is a two-player ragdoll physics game. How well you perform in Adventure mode will determine which of the 6 venues you can access.
The gang war in the video game Ragdoll Gangs is started by the Ragdoll characters!

The game has two separate game modes: arena mode and adventure mode. The adventure mode has six stages to be completed. In these stages, players will encounter a variety of challenges, such as battling or tossing enemies from a height during combat, among others. In the arena gameplay mode, you can choose to play the game alone or with a companion.

In the single-player game mode, you face off against a CPU character in a relatively difficult encounter. On your local computer, two-player gaming allows you to compete against a friend. The game is won by the first player to score three goals!

The lead player is Player 1.

Use WASD to move.

V punches

to make B strike

Run with the right shift.

"C to interact

With Player 2, playing

Use the arrow keys to move

I must strike.

to strike P.

Move to the right as you run.

I will talk to you.