Racing Island

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In the awesome racing game Racing Island, you can create your own tracks. These tracks offer both solo and multiplayer racing options. All you have to do to handle one of these cars is click a button to speed up, and it will do the rest, including steering and drifting, for you.

How to play

Stay on track as much as possible. You can also share the tracks with others! They can play your song as soon as you give them the code or link! The game has a variety of cars, each with its own unique set of metrics, including acceleration, maximum speed, and handling. Picking a car that works better on the track is important.

Discover, compete, and show off your skills! Set out on an exciting adventure in one-of-a-kind automobiles. Compete in races, freeride, and stand-up modes to demonstrate your abilities. There are new vehicles and secrets to find at every level. Will you go into a leadership role?


Keyboard navigation: WASD or arrow keys. Use the up arrow or the space bar to quickly accelerate. To steer the vehicle, use the A/D or left and right arrows. Stop: S or down, alright.