Only Up Or Lava

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Players must apply their parkour talents and leap on platforms to complete each level in the exciting parkour game Only Up Or Lava. Prepare yourself for an amazing travel experience, and put your abilities to the ultimate test!

How to play

Levels must be conquered, dangerous barriers must be leaped over, and searing lava must be avoided. Climb, jump, and create jumps with pinpoint accuracy. The difficulty of the challenges increases with each level, putting your daring and determination to the test.

On this once-in-a-lifetime voyage, are you capable of triumphing over every problem that you encounter? Either you will prevail over the levels or you will be consumed by the molten lava. The choice is yours.


R is the pause/game menu button. WASD stands for "move." Jumping, or climbing, equals space. For shifts, walk or drop to the ledge. Ctrl + Esc = Return Cursors