Mr. Racer - Car Racing

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Mr. Racer - Car Racing is an exhilarating racing game where you race at high speeds across crowded streets in different places. Experience the thrill of driving at high velocities in a diverse selection of breathtaking supercars while skillfully maneuvering through traffic. Confront a variety of driving obstacles and become the ultimate Mr. Racer.

How To Play

Mr. Racer features multiple game modes that provide a thrilling driving experience with a selection of stylish vehicles. You can accelerate across 5 distinct places, advancing your career as a racing driver and accumulating experience points to increase your level.

To advance in the game, engage in a multitude of challenges. Challenge mode has a diverse array of 100 distinct challenges, providing players with a constant stream of novel and intricate tasks to conquer. The majority of these difficulties are dependent on time. You can save time by performing rapid overtakes on other vehicles.


  • We've designed multiple game modes to test and push your racing skills.
  • You can unlock and drive 15 high-performance cars on the racetracks.
  • Impressive 3D visuals and lifelike illumination
  • Change your point of view to three distinct camera angles.
  • There are five realistic locations available: farmland, city, mountain day, mountain night, and snow.