Mad Monday

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In the driving game Mad Monday, the goal is to stay alive while destroying other cars.
The guy was completely wrong this time, so support him and continue crashing into various vehicles; ultimately, you'll blow them all up. Other vehicles must be destroyed because doing anything else will just earn you bonus points.

Starting right away on this horrible Monday, your score will rise as you murder more individuals. In addition, smashing trucks and other vehicles will get you bonus points. To demonstrate that you are a great master of mass destruction, try to ruin or smash the police car if they are pursuing you.

The truck has the power to run over pedestrians, shoot everything in its path, and drive other cars off the road. Upgrades for the base gun include the roof model gun and the flamethrower. It's possible for other cars to open fire or throw debris into the road. There are also building sites, bridges, obstacles, and intersections.

Helicopters will hover in front of the car while aircraft launch bombs from the sky. Health can be replenished by occasionally using the power of another vehicle.

Arrows to steer
A to shoot