Halloween Horror Massacre

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The Halloween Horror Massacre features scary animals terrorizing a defenseless tree. If this tree was dying, it ought to have been removed long ago! How many logs can you chop down before Halloween?

Crows are scary and loud, but ignore them because they have no idea what they're talking about. Another aspect of the game is that your objective is to chop down trees for as long as you can. B must click the play button in order to launch the game from the main menu. If you'd like, before you begin, you can review the instructions.

The next step is to select a character! Do you want to play as someone? Freddy's biggest nightmare? Frankenstein, possibly the most famous living dead? In this game, there are four different characters to pick from. 
Only one of them is initially accessible, but as you rack up points, you can unlock the others. To cut down the tree, use the left and right arrow keys once the game has begun. The branches are something you should be aware of. You'll die if you hit them, and the game will end. Your top score is displayed at the top of the screen.


Unsharp 2D graphics
Intuitive controls and addictive gameplay
There are four eerie characters from which to choose.


Play this game with the left and right arrow keys.