Escape or Die

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Escape or Die is the name of a puzzle escape room game. You have 10 minutes to leave the room before the bomb goes off. Despite the small likelihood, if you move quickly, you might succeed!

How to Play Escape or Die's sci-fi theme and graphics are reminiscent of Squid Game and the classic VR title "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes." You are trapped in a room with four minutes to get out before a bomb goes off.

The complex layers of puzzles in the escape room require quick thinking and intuition, so you must keep doing both. Search the area for hints, keys, and other helpful objects that will aid in your escape. Move as quickly as you can while keeping a close eye on your surroundings!

10 Minutes to Escape or Die is a fantastic solo escape game with tons of clever puzzles.


To interact with objects in the room, left-click on them.