Death Race Monster Arena

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These vehicles are not toys; rather, they are known as Death Race Monster Arena, and as such, they are rugged and potentially lethal. Get ready to experience the highest levels of excitement with the most dangerous monster trucks in the history of the sport.
You will either take part in derby arena clashes, free driving adventures, or really exciting races. All of these tasks may be accomplished with a variety of monster trucks, each of which can be purchased with in-game currency such as coins and gold.
Choose your ride and your play style before embarking on this journey solo or with a friend via the available options for two players.
Let's go!


Move with "W, A, S, D" or the "arrow keys" if you're playing as Player 1.
To switch cameras, press "C."
Take a look at "T" again.
R for "Rolling Back"
Player 2: To navigate, use the arrow keys.
NOS: "M" 
Change camera: "O"
Remember the letter "L"?
Taking It Back: The Letter "U"