Death Chase

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One of the racing games is called Death Chase
There is a conflict between vehicles ready to win the race and those attempting to destroy one another.
At the beginning of the game, you control a rather weak small car, and your task is to earn some money on the track.

You will receive more coins if you come in first. Keep in mind that your driving skills will be put to the test as opponents attempt to damage your vehicle with weaponry. If you have enough money, you can update your automobile with unique features. For instance, you can buy new wheels or enhance your car's engine to make it go quicker.

Make your vehicle more stable while performing forward jumps and flips. Keep in mind that you can also get newer, quicker, and more powerful autos, but doing so will be very expensive. Don't neglect the car itself, but keep in mind that you need to cross the finish line faster than your rival. Your car will blow up if you get into an accident, and you'll respawn close to the last checkpoint, but you'll lose the first reward in the end.

Motion Z, Jump, Slope, and Launch with the arrow keys