Coaster Racer 2

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Welcome to the racing game Coaster Racer 2. This follow-up to the wildly successful Coaster Racer has more thrilling racing. 
This time, there are hard races, a new nitro system, and bikes and vehicles. You are invited to battle against other racers in Coaster Racer 2. Finish in the qualifying position, whether driving a car or riding a motorcycle, to open the next circuit.

Your position determines how much money you make, but you can also drive into dollar signs to increase your earnings and upgrade your vehicle.

For greater speed, select Nitro. Use nitro carefully because it needs time to fully charge. You are capable of holding three nitro enhancements.

Use the predefined keys or change them.
The arrow keys Accelerate, decelerate, then turn left or right: Flowing Nitro M