Christmas Night of Horror

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Christmas Night of Horror is a fun and frightful holiday game. Your favorite characters from this Christmas game include "Slenderman, Slendrina, Mother Bird, Siren Head, Jeff the Killer, Homicidal Liu, Jane the Killer, and Nina the Killer."

Savings for Christmas Find seven gifts, then defend seven Santas from the bad guys.
The season is in jeopardy. Send the likes of Slenderman, Momo, and Siren Head back to hell by getting your weapons ready! Safeguard Christmas!


There are five types of weapons: Dual pistol, pistol, shotgun, SMG, knife, chainsaw, and Molotov cocktail.
fluid, effective controls
Amazing 3D graphics
There are six gorgeous, eerie levels to play.


In the tutorial, please use the mouse to aim and block the fire. 1:2 Run to the left as you turn. W-S-A-D: Make a left turn Kneel; X: Lie flat; Ctrl Aim for space. WOOD or F.R.-rechargeable weapon protection grenades