Car Stunt Raching

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During this thrilling Car Stunt Raching game, you will be tasked with driving your vehicle along a variety of courses in the quickest possible time, while also executing some incredible acrobatics.


You should be ready to conquer tight twists and springboards, avoid swinging hammers and drive-around loops, complete other automobile stunts that are just as difficult, and be ready to skid the car on sharp corners of the circuit. It will be necessary for you to acquire some experience and have a solid understanding of the real physics behind the behavior of the car, to confidently overcome all of the aspects of the course. You have the option to spend the prize coins you obtain to finish the track on either upgrading your vehicle or opening a new race location.


  • Left-right on the keyboard means to turn the steering wheel.
  •  Up means to press the gas pedal.
  • Down means to press the brake pedal. c means to press the camera button To turn the steering wheel, use the left and right mouse buttons.
  • The left mouse button is the gas pedal, and the right mouse button is the brake pedal.