Bike Race

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In the video game "Bike Race," you get to ride a motorcycle on a variety of cool line-drawn courses while also completing a variety of dangerous acrobatics and feats. To achieve a high score, you will need to execute the most impressive stunts possible while also racking up the most points possible. Examine both your ability and your nerve to see which of the courses you can conquer with the highest score.

Because there is such a vast selection of courses to race on, players can enjoy themselves for many hours. As you make your way through the game's levels, you will be able to ride a variety of additional bike models. Train and play, but avoid crashing the vehicle, or you will have to begin the level from the very beginning..


Incredible racing video game with side-scrolling action
Line tracks span thirty levels and a variety of locations.
There are several possible tricks to attempt.
Unlockable new versions of bicycles to ride


To ride, use the arrow keys.