Baldi's Basics 2

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In Baldi's Basics 2, your objective is to stay out of Baldi's school, which has a crazy teacher. You are stuck in a school with Baldi, who is a nice man who cares too much about school. He wants you to feel bad about the mistakes you make while you're still learning.

If you get in his way, he will use a heavy ruler to chase you around the school. He will move you around if you don't. Bullies at school will try to stop you from running away when they are after you. Their goal is to slow you down so Baldi can catch up with you more quickly. So, if you want to get out of that horror place, you have to watch out for all of these possible risks.

Your character also has to find seven notebooks that went missing while he or she was going to see a friend. To make the escape task go more smoothly, you should upgrade your bonuses and collect a variety of goodies at the same time. Use your math skills to answer all of the questions in the time given so that Professor Baldi doesn't kick you out of class.

Act quickly, because Baldi, the big, old, and forgetful man, is right behind you with his stick. Look for books, extra upgrades, and other things that can help you get away from Baldi and avoid him. Baldi's Basics 2 is a game that is fun to play. Everyone, have fun playing Baldi's Basics 2 today!

How to play

In Baldi's Basics 2, you can control the game's figures by touching your phone's or tablet's screen.

You should use the keyboard and mouse when playing games on a computer. Your character can move around by hitting the WASD keys on your keyboard, looking around with the mouse, and running by pressing the Shift key.