Ace Car Racing

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Ace Car Racing provides high-octane city-avoiding action. Choose between sleek 3D modern sports cars in Seaside Roads, Exotic, City Racing, and Desert Trip. Collect lightning objects for fuel, coins for improvements, or new automobiles.

How to play

Remember that diamonds unlock special cars? Invest in a high-performance vehicle and fine-tune its acceleration, top speed, resistance to winds, and nitrogen. Skip the starter car and race to victory!

Drive through the desert, around the city, and through tropical settings on good asphalt tracks, and if you want challenging activities, the Ace Car Racing game will take you completely off-road. All for those who consider themselves expert drivers. There is no issue with the diversity of cars, but you must earn money each time you change vehicles. The currency is blue crystals, and coins can be used to buy various upgrades. Both have to be acquired during the race. In Ace Car Racing, you only have a limited amount of time, so try to gather lightning bolts before the fuel runs out one meter from the finish line.


On PC, Arrows or AD = Move On Mobile Tap the buttons on the screen.