4 Cars

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4 Cars is a multiplayer game that allows you to engage in competition with friends or gamers from all over the world, providing an additional level of difficulty.

How to Play 4 CARS

During your turn, roll the dice and advance one of your cars ahead of the number of spaces shown on the dice.
You have the ability to relocate any of your vehicles that are currently aboard the ship.
You can forcefully move another player's car back to its original starting position if you land on a space they've already claimed. People sometimes call this action "bumping."
If you land on a place with a "speed boost" icon, you have the ability to advance your car by an extra 2 spaces.
If you land on a spot marked with a "hazard" symbol, you are required to move your vehicle backwards by one place.
The player who successfully maneuvers all four of their cars to the finish line first wins the game.