Zombie Squad

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An example of a casual game that mixes tower defense and roguelike elements is Zombie Squad. The functionality of the game is straightforward, and the characters can engage in combat on their own.

How to play

Experience the thrill of driving through a zombie apocalypse. Fire your weapons and eliminate any zombie that stands in your way.

If you want to travel as far as you can, you need to avoid other automobiles and obstacles. The Zombie Squad game gives you the ability to select and improve your vehicle. Change the weapon or armor on your vehicle to give it a more unique appearance. There are also new automobile models available for purchase at the store.

Diese incredible game for Android allows you to enhance your bike, exterminate all of the zombies that stand in your path, and collect as many coins as you possibly can.


– A great deal of fun killed by zombies." Excellent automobiles and guns. – The visuals are quite good. The gameplay is incredible.