Tractor Trial 2

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The farmer has finally purchased the new tractor he has been saving for. In Tractor Trial 2, he decided to put the new vehicle through its paces at home.

Take on the role of a farmer who has had enough of the tedium of his daily routine. Get in the driver's seat and see how the tractor performs off-road. You'll have to drive up steep inclines and around tricky obstacles to reach the end.
To cut down on travel time, I took the tractor off-road instead of taking the highway, certain that it could handle the rough terrain. Assist the protagonist in setting up a tractor to run across the valleys and hills.


It's important to take your time. Apply the brakes or step on the throttle to get over the next hill or valley. If you don't want Tractor Trial 2 to end prematurely, don't roll over. Tractor breakdown severity is depicted on a green scale in the top left corner.


Desktop: You can drive the tractor with the arrow keys or W, A, S, and D.

Mobile: Control the tractor via on-screen controls.