Stickman Team Detroit

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Stickman Team Detroit lets you lead elite operatives. Let's try to perform many impossible tasks and win!

Navigate treacherous terrain, infiltrate enemy strongholds, and unearth the deadly truths that could destroy the city. Your unrelenting pursuit spares no area, even the tallest buildings. Use your specific powers, cover, and flanking in furious, turn-based combat. Choose from several Stickman agents with different pros and cons. Master their powers to use devastating combinations. This epic adventure will expose deceit, corruption, and redemption. An expansive and immersive cityscape may be explored using dynamic weather, interactive components, and destructible objects. Upgrade your squad's talents, weaponry, and agents for tactical dominance.

Detroit Stickman Team Playing Instructions

Left/Right Arrow Keys: Select Stickman. Move.
Jump with Up Arrow Key.
Lower Arrow Key: Crouch.
Use Spacebar to interact.