Ninja Escape 2

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You must guide defenseless citizens away from a ninja who is intent on killing them with the help of little more than a chocolate bar. Ninja Escape 2 is a doodle-styled action game that moves at a breakneck pace.

How to play

The Ninja is a difficult platformer to play. Brand new, easy-to-use touch controls will unleash your ninja abilities! If you do not avoid all of the spikes by running, jumping, sliding, and flying, you will erupt in fresh blood. If you want to unlock the endless mode and all of the scores, you'll need to follow the master and complete all of the stages.

Successful gameplay in "Ninja Escape 2" requires a blend of skill and strategy. When it comes to avoiding obstacles, it is necessary to time your jumps and slides perfectly, and when it comes to eliminating samurai opponents, it is essential to use your combat moves successfully.


Or, you can touch the mouse.