Stick Tank Wars 2

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Drive your tank and protect the world from evil forces! To shoot, hold, switch, and release. Shoot swiftly or you'll perish. To rule the battlefield, collect cash, modify your tank, and more.
Get ready for an exciting competition in Stick Tank Wars 2.

You should take your position on the battlefield as the sound of the tanks fills the atmosphere. You should never underestimate your competitors since they are highly tenacious. Are you prepared to use every action to gain points and achieve victory?

Even though you are the best fighter your army has to offer, victory is unavoidable in a war. In this game, your goal is to defeat your opponent in each round. In real life, operating a tank involves training, but in this game, blowing stuff up with your war machine is as simple as clicking the screen. Click the play button on the main menu to begin playing the game with your mouse.
There are two different difficulty settings; if this is your first time playing, start with the easy setting.

Adjust the aim and power of your shot by clicking and dragging your mouse across the screen to hit your opponent. Try to shoot accurately. There are numerous different obstacles in each round. The health bar for both you and your adversaries is at the top of the screen. With every victory, you gain points that you can spend to buy new items from the in-game store.

Click to fire