Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie

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You went to the shuttered toy factory in search of the mysterious Poppy Doll. Five days are left. Watch out for Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie! He hears you all the time! Try to be as silent as you can!

To get the doll out of the box where she is kept, you must find specific items that will allow you to do it. If you want to get back at the evil Huggy Wuggy, you can also choose the shooting mode. You may choose I wish you luck!

The objective is to escape the clutches of the unnerving Huggy Wuggy and shoot him until he is eliminated. To do this, though, you must move quickly and hide to avoid being seen. 


Move with W, A, S, D; interact with, hide, or use an item with F; dump an item with G; and unhide with T. to run, to stop, to crouch.

Gun Controls: WASD to move around Mouse to look around Wheel on the mouse to select weapons Fire with the left mouse button.

Using the right mouse button, aim G R for reloading and F for picking up the object receive grenades. left-shift when running with the left CTRL key, X in a prone position, V in melee, and Jump wide-eyed